After graduating magna cum laude with a degree in biomedical engineering from Vanderbilt University in 1992, Dr. David Purselle received his doctorate of medicine from the University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1996, and completed a residency in psychiatry at Emory University School of Medicine in 2000. He then earned a Master of Science in Clinical Research at Emory University in 2005. As a board certified psychiatrist with over 14 years of clinical experience in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Purselle has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, and inpatient units at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Emory University Hospital, and Grady Hospital. He has served as the Director of Acute Mental Health Services and held a chair on the Mental Health Environment of Care Committee for the Atlanta VA Medical Center. Dr. Purselle has been recognized as a physician leader in several forums and has presented continuing medical education programs at national and local conferences. He has also served as a consultant for major pharmaceutical corporations providing guidance on development of new therapies for a variety of mental illnesses. Dr. Purselle is an adjunct faculty member at Morehouse School of Medicine and his research has been published in dozens of magazines.

Now, as the Director of Georgia Psychiatric Consultants, Dr. Purselle and his staff provide individualized treatment for a full spectrum of mental disorders, including but not limited to: ADHD, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and bipolar disorder. With each new patient, he performs a complete evaluation of any medical conditions, psychological factors, and other aspects of the patient’s life, to determine an accurate diagnosis and identify any factors that may be affecting the patient’s mental health. Dr. Purselle will then work with the patient and their family to develop a customized treatment plan to help them feel better and improve their quality of life. He will continually review each patient’s treatment plan and provide new or additional treatment suggestions as needed and he always works closely with each patient’s psychotherapist, behavioral health care manager, and other physicians to achieve the best outcomes.

Dr. Purselle is thoroughly trained to identify mental disorders and, if a diagnosis is made, he is able to assist with every aspect of therapy and treatment. He can offer multiple options and is always up to date on the latest research. If you or someone you love is in need of psychiatric care, or you simply wish to discuss your or your loved one’s symptoms, Dr. Purselle is here to help. To request an appointment, please call (678) 705-8166, email, or fill out an online form